aus 2010:

    High-level expression of Mastermind-like 2 contributes to aberrant activation of
    the NOTCH signaling pathway in human lymphomas.

    Clinical, pathological and genetic features of primary mediastinal large B-cell
    lymphomas and mediastinal gray zone lymphomas in children.

    The immune response to sporadic colorectal cancer in a novel mouse model.

    Detection of genomic aberrations in molecularly defined Burkitt's lymphoma by array-
    based, high resolution, single nucleotide polymorphism analysis.

    Immunoblastic morphology but not the immunohistochemical GCB/nonGCB classifier
    predicts outcome in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in the RICOVER-60 trial of the DSHNHL.

    Procarbazine-free OEPA-COPDAC chemotherapy in boys and standard OPPA-COPP in
    girls have comparable effectiveness in pediatric Hodgkin's lymphoma.

    Newsletter KML   
       Harald Stein.
       Grußwort, Ausgabe 17, 07/2010

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    Derepression of an endogenous long terminal repeat activates the CSF1R proto-
    oncogene in human lymphoma.

    Common clonal origin of an acute B-lymphoblastic leukemia and a Langerhans' cell
    sarcoma: evidence for hematopoietic plasticity.

    The inducible T-cell co-stimulator molecule is expressed on subsets of T cells and is
    a new marker of lymphomas of T follicular helper cell-derivation.

    Tumor stroma-derived TGF-beta limits myc-driven lymphomagenesis via Suv39h1-
    dependent senescence.

    Interferon-gamma and T-bet expression in a patient with toxoplasmic lymphadenopathy.
      Jöhrens K, Moos V, Schneider T, Stein H, Anagnostopoulos I.Autoren
      "Human Immunology", Zusammenfassung, 01/2010

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